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Killer Whale 2.0


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Overall Length:230mm

Blade Length:98mm

Handle Length:132mm

Handle: TC4

Blade: ASP-60


1 review for Killer Whale 2.0

  1. J-Freezy

    I love the Killer Whale 2.0, a favorite of my Maxace collection. The action is incredible, and aesthetically beautiful. I decided to get the black bladed version, which I had wished also had a matching black handled option, but the black blade makes a beautiful contrast with the plain grey titanium, as well as the black backspacer and pocket clip. The ASP60 steel intrigued me quite a bit, and it is in deed beastly, and effective very sharp, maintaining an impressive edge and point, in spite of its heft; the best of both worlds. The ergonomics are excellent, and while it looks very sleek, the pattern/texture on the titanium grips, shaping and jimping make it as grippy and comfortable, secure and useful from a versatile number of grip styles, and the shape and geometry of the artful and tactically ground blade play right in tandem. The frame lock is about as good as it gets, and the pocket clip is not intrusive, well placed and functional as well as a great shape and tension; there is no issue with your grip interfering with deployment, and no learning curve as with a lot of framelock knives. The Maxace logo on the pivot cap and name on the pocket clip are classy, and great flourishes. The action is very snappy and satisfying, it never fails and has an authoritative snap that reminds you of how serious this beast is. Where I live, Orcas, or Killer Whales are beloved and iconic. Gorgeous creatures, friendly and graceful as dolphins, but mighty and capably ferocious. I feel that the MKW202 is a great homage to the Killer Whale of the Pacific, and the design’s properties, name and color scheme well befitting. I always look forward to what Maxace will come up with next. I have 3 of the Mammoths, had to get both drop and tanto versions when I found they DLCed them, and just got 2 Goliath 2.0s, in M390 and K110. These are monsters indeed but the Killer Whale 2.0 feels and wields as massive as its larger friends. Love the Maxace and Black Cat Studios exploration and excellent heat treat in the several steels. The “smallest” of my collection is the Black Heron, and that is hardly small. I appreciate the resilience, size, ingenuity and formidability of all MA/BLS designs, and of course the packaging and extra set of furniture/parts. I have been carrying my MKW202 every day since I got it. Axis, flipper, pocket deployment, button lock; these guys nail them all, V4E is my favorite steel, and the Mammoths are like a dream come true, and while I missed out on the ASP60 versions, I was very excited about this steel, and the Killer Whale is an awesome introduction to this super alloy. Don’t miss out on this beast.

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