ME01 [ steel handle version ]


Configuration introduction:

  1. Handle: Compared with the previous batch of upgrades, the handle material has been upgraded from aluminum to 431 steel, and there are three types of patches: TC4/ Zirconium/ Timascus
  2.  TAC coating:[Except X05A/X05B, other model have TAC coating] TAC coating is a military-grade coating, a low-temperature and constant-temperature coating process. Its performance is high wear resistance, rust resistance and high temperature resistance. Compared with DLC coating, the advantage is that it is a low-temperature coating, so it will not be annealed to reduce the hardness.


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Handle: 431 Steel Handle+ TC4/Zirconium/Timascus inlay

Blade: M390[ Satin/ TAC coating/TAC mirror/ Damascus]

Overall Length: 230mm

Blade Length: 95mm

Handle Length: 135mm

Weight: 240g/250g

Hardness: 60HRC



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