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Overall Length: 230mm
Blade Length: 98mm
Handle Length: 132mm
Weight: 138g
Hardness: 59-60HRC
Handle: 7075[ Grey/ Silver ]
Blade: SLD-magic

6 reviews for Neptune

  1. Fartnado (verified owner)

    It took a while to arrive, but it was worth the wait! I got the dagger version, and it came shaving sharp on both sides. It takes quite a bit of force to fire, but I haven’t had a single failure in what has probably been 300+ deployments. The grind and core/cladding lines are so dead nuts accurate, it is almost unbelieveable. The blade play, or lack thereof, is comparable to my Microtech Glykon, if not a little better. I’ve only cut paper and shaved leg hair with it, so I can’t speak to the quality of the heat treat or durability/toughness of SLD Magic. I can’t believe this is a $108 knife! I hope they make more soon so I can get the “drop blade” version, which is really just a tanto.

  2. Chad

    I was so bummed I missed the Archer, so I hopped on this Neptune in the drop point blade. WoW this OTF is fantastic and would be at $189. I’m blown away. It will definitely make me a collector of Maxace Knives.

  3. Vincent (verified owner)

    The Neptune is a great design the craftsmanship is really on another level. All of the milling is very crisp and clean and the finishing on the blade is beautiful. For what it’s worth I think the quality of this one is far exceeds it’s cost.

  4. Angrygreggo (verified owner)

    Finally received my Neptune today and man oh man was it worth the wait!! This knife is incredible. Same size as my Glycon and compares absolutely favorably to it. When you consider the fit, finish, appearance – not to mention the $108 price tag – this thing is awesome! Have not tested the blade steel yet, but it looks amazing. If you’re looking for a crazy nice OTF for EDC, this is one to get! I know I’ll be getting more for Christmas gifts if they are ever available again…

  5. John

    Ordered Feb 2, received March 18. Totally worth the wait. This knife (drop blade) is a beast and my wife is sick of hearing it fire in and out but I can’t stop playing with it. Blade came very sharp and the action is tough and very solid. Fit and finish is very good and the lock-up – when the blade extends all the way out, or in – is rock steady. With blade extended, there is minimal blade play and the size of the handle is perfect for me. I can only compare this to the 2 Microtechs I have and I feel that the Maxace is as good if not better then they are. The Maxace’s handle is bigger than the Microtech but the beveled machining on the Maxace handle is much more comfortable than the handle of the other. Kudos to the design, machining and assembly teams on this knife. It is quite fantastic!

  6. MJ

    Wow! Let me say that again backwards, WOW! This knife meets and exceeds standards of OTF’s at much higher price tier. In hand, feels like a Dirac Delta but way smoother action and much wider robust blade. Wished I shopped here first and save a bout load. Well done!!! I’ll be back!

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